Programs for students


TALK THINK MAKE is an inquiry-based responding and making program directly linked to ACCA’s exhibitions. Using contemporary art as stimulus, students will learn and apply critical and creative thinking skills to make connections between the art and ideas presented in exhibitions, before making their own artworks to take with them.

Recommended for F-10 students, 90 minute session

Separate ‘TALK THINK’ or ‘MAKE’ workshops, 45 minutes


TALK THINK PUBLIC ART is an inquiry-based responding (and walking!) program that links directly to public artworks located in the near vicinity of ACCA, extending to the CBD. Teachers and students will visit 3-4 artworks from ACCA’s Public Art Resource and will consider and discuss the artworks guided by an ACCA educator. Different artworks are framed in relation to key themes to align with STEM learning, school curricular priorities and classroom projects.

Recommended for 5-6 or 7-10 and VCE students, 60 minute session.

Weather dependent, not available in the winter months.


ACCA’s educators provide gallery talks relating to current exhibitions to school, tertiary and community groups. Contact ACCA Education if you would like a tailored visit towards a particular area of study.

15–45 minute session. 

VCE Visit: Art Making & Exhibiting

Explore ACCA behind-the-scenes and investigate artists and artworks in our current exhibition. This guided discussion tour considers the role of ACCA’s curators and specialist team in preparing, presenting and conserving art in our public, non-collecting contemporary art gallery. Key topics include the development of thematic exhibitions, artwork selection and display.

Aligns with Unit 2 Outcome 1, Unit 3 Outcome 3 and/or Unit 4 Outcome 3 SAC (select when booking)

Recommended for VCE Art Making & Exhibiting students, 60 minute session

VCE Visit: Art Creative Practice

Discuss and compare contemporary art practice and processes of exhibiting artists in ACCA’s current exhibition. ACCA Educators will guide students in art interpretation and critical analysis, applying the interpretive lenses in a gallery context. Key topics including meanings and messages, the role of art in society, context and personal experience.

Aligns with Unit 1 Outcome 1, Unit 2 Outcome 1 and/or Unit 4 Outcome 3 SAC (select when booking)

Recommended for VCE Art Creative Practice students, 60 minute session