Frequently asked questions

How much does ACCA’s Education Program cost?

ACCA’s Education Program is entirely FREE.

What time is the gallery open for education visits?

Between 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday.

Can my group visit ACCA on a Monday?

ACCA is closed to the public on Mondays, but we can sometimes take education bookings when requested. Please be mindful that Mondays are also reserved for special events and maintenance, so we may not always be able to take bookings.

How can I book an Education Program?

You can find a dedicated online booking form here. We will respond to your booking request within one day. Alternatively, give ACCA a call or email us directly to discuss your booking.

How far do I need to book in advance?

We advise you to plan and book your visit as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Who teaches ACCA’s Education Program?

All Education Programs are taught by ACCA’s specialist art educators, who are experienced teachers with classroom teaching experience. All educators hold a current Working With Children Check.

How many exhibitions can we see at ACCA?

ACCA holds one exhibition at a time. If you are planning a day excursion, ACCA’s Education team can advise on other galleries and museums to visit close by.

Where do the Education Programs at ACCA take place?

All programs take place in our foyer and galleries. We do not have a separate education space at ACCA. This can often be a noisy and busy environment. If any students have additional needs or require particular attention, please let us know when booking.

Is there a way to introduce students to ACCA before we visit?

Yes, you can view our social story here.

How many students per group for TALK THINK MAKE?

We can cater for groups up to 25 in a single session. For larger numbers, we can conduct two groups (50 students total) alternating between TALK THINK (45 minutes) and MAKE (45 minutes) at one time. Please get in contact for larger group bookings and if you have any questions at or give us a call on (03) 9697 9999.

How many students per group for VCE Programs and TALKS?

We can comfortably cater for groups up to 25. It can be hard to hear the educator and navigate ACCA’s galleries for groups any larger.

What is the minimum group size?

5 students. If  your group is less than this please contact us on about resources we can provide to support a self-guided visit.

Is there somewhere to leave students bags when we visit?

Yes. Upon arrival students will be able to check their belongings in at ACCA’s front desk. Smaller bags on excursions are preferable.

Where can groups have lunch?

If weather permits you can sit and eat in ACCA’s forecourt. There is also a small park nearby on the corner of Dodds and Grant streets.

Can students bring food or drink into the gallery to eat during their visit?

No. However, food may be eaten in the forecourt before or after the session. Please allow extra time for this if necessary.

Is there anywhere for students to buy lunch at ACCA?

No. There is a nearby café at the Malthouse Theatre but we encourage classes to bring their own lunches.

Can my students take photographs?

Yes – just no flash please. Taking photographs can help students document their visit, but we ask that they focus and listen when the educator is teaching.

Can students use phones in the gallery?

Students are welcome to use their phones to take photographs however other use is discouraged. Additionally, all devices should be set to ‘silent’ when entering the gallery spaces.

Can we bring our own worksheets?

You can, however it is not encouraged. It is best to speak to ACCA Education prior to your visit to discuss how we can best tailor the program to suit your needs or desired outcomes. If you are bringing a worksheet, it is helpful to email it to beforehand so the educator is aware of what you would like covered.

Can my students sketch in the gallery?

Absolutely, sketchbooks and pencils are welcome in the galleries.

How do I find out about upcoming ACCA Exhibitions and Education Programs?

You can sign-up to the dedicated monthly ACCA Education news here, and check our website here.

Are ACCA Education Programs and galleries wheelchair accessible?

Yes. ACCA’s spaces are fully accessible and all on one level without stairs.

Can students touch the artworks?

This changes depending on the exhibition. The majority of works exhibited are not for touching however ACCA frequently exhibits tactile and interactive works. The educator will brief all groups before entering the exhibition.

Is there seating in the gallery?

This changes with each exhibition. Sometimes a work will have seating to allow a longer viewing time. If you require a chair during the program, please let the educator know and they will be happy to assist.

How can my students get further involved with ACCA?

ACCA hosts a range of engaging Public Programs, including talks, workshops, screenings and music events for all ages. Upcoming program information is available here. For students over 18, ACCA runs a dedicated and engaging volunteer program. More information on volunteering can be accessed here.

I need information on an ACCA exhibition for a school or research project, is there anything available?

Yes, there are comprehensive education resources for both past and present exhibitions. Visit the website here or explore videos and podcasts here. ACCA also prints catalogues for each show that are available to order or purchase from the bookshop or online.

Does ACCA Education run professional development for teachers and other educators?

Yes. ACCA Education runs several PD programs each year. These are tailored to the exhibition at the time and usually involve either the exhibiting artist or a local practitioner. These are advertised on ACCA Education News, which can be joined here.

Is there a catalogue available that I can use for reference with my students?

Yes. ACCA usually publishes a catalogue for each exhibition and they are made available online here or in ACCA’s bookshop.

Do you have Group Visitation Guidelines?

Yes, the adult in charge of the group will have to sign the guidelines upon arrival at ACCA. You can read and access this here.

Do you have Venue Safety and a Risk Management guide?

Yes, they can be accessed here.

Do you have a Child Safe Policy?

Yes, you can access this here.