A Kind of You: 6 Portraits by Roni Horn

11 Aug–30 Sep 2007

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

This was the first solo exhibition in Australia by renowned New York artist, Roni Horn.

Through sequential series of photographs, Horn’s lens caught subtle shifts in expression, time and atmosphere, exploring the vast variability of human identity. In the portrait series You are the Weather the shifts of mood in the Icelandic sky and water were reflected in the human face. In Portrait of an Image, a hundred photographic portraits of French actress Isabelle Huppert revealed a wide variety of emotions, and in This is Me, This is You a series of photographs documented Georgia Loy as she moved from childhood into adolescence. Roni Horn’s field of interest is well-defined, notwithstanding the fact that her subjects – indeterminism, doubleness and motion – are inherently difficult to pin down. Horn’s photographs show studies of physiognomy in the finest variations in which the individual is always a plurality.

Commissioning Curator: Juliana Engberg

Roni Horn: A Kind of You

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