A Molecular History of Everything* (*Well not Everything)

Fri 17 Dec 2004–
Sun 27 Feb 2005

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

A Molecular History of Everything* explored the process and physical poetry of recent art practice. Systems, fragments, meanders, object moments and free range sculpture created a space of interaction and collaboration in this exhibition combining new projects by local and international artists. A Molecular History of Everything was a highly material event, demonstrating the re-emergence of an art practice dealing with the made rather than the ready made. Taxonomies of words, documents, objects, space, music and all manner and matter of things were explored in this rumpus room of art.
*well not everything.

Exhibiting Artists: Charles Anderson, Rosa Barba, Marc Bauer, Richard Fauguet, Louise Flaherty, Geophile (Bianca Looney and Lucas Chirnside), Claire Harvey, Bianca Hester, Gavin Hipkins, Nicholas Mangan, Nora Martirosyan, Dave Muller, Alex Pittendrigh, Stuart Ringholt, Alex Rizkala and Julie Davies, Daniel van Vree, Gabrielle de Vietri, Daniel von Sturmer, Kan Xuan

Curator: Juliana Engberg

A Molecular History of Everything* (*Well not Everything)

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Other Material
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