22 Aug–25 Nov 2007

Gallery Room at Mirka, Tolarno Hotel St Kilda

Viv Miller makes paintings and drawings and more recently, animated video. Her practice involves both abstract and representational approaches and demonstrates an attention to the various layers that can be built within a picture, from the painterly to the plastic. Her drawing influences come from a range of sources, including sublime landscapes, natural imagery, basic computer graphics, bored doodles and the Japanese and Western artistic canons. Miller’s work playfully explores the problems of representation and expression.

In these works for ACCA @ Mirka, Miller further explored lightness and heaviness, and used these properties to mark out a physical and conceptual understanding of the world. She captured and distilled the formal and physical to illustrate the imagination; the visual became a doorway to understanding less tangible elements of existence.

Commissioning Curator: Juliana Engberg

In the Press
26 August, Sunday Herald Sun, Lighten up
8 September, The Age, See 


Viv Miller

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