Anne Ferran: Scenes on the Death of Nature

Thu 19 Mar 1987–
Sun 19 Apr 1987

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

An exhibition of photographs by Australian artist, Anne Ferran. Ferran is quoted as saying:

 “This work ought not need me as the artist to make pronouncements about its meaning. For one thing there is in it very little of a personal vision or private sensibility. In their size and scale, their period connotations, their employment of classical conventions, the photographs are… reminiscent of monumental sculpture which is, out of all art forms, the most public… It could be said of these photographs that the language they ‘speak’ is so much a part of our culture that the audience already knows how to interpret them, even if it doesn't ‘know’ that it knows.”

In The Press
25 March, Melbourne Times, Escape to the world of subtlety


Anne Ferran