Continuum 85: Aspects of Japanese Art Today

10 Sep–27 Sep 1985

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

Part of a reciprocal exchange between Japan and Australia. Galleries involved included: Christine Abrahams, George Paton Gallery, Gerstman Abdullah, Gryphon Gallery and Pinacotheca.

ACCA took part in this exchange exhibition between Japan and Australia and contributed to the organisation of the exhibition as a member of the Continuum ’85 Committee. The 1985 Artistic Reports states: “Three Japanese artists showed work in the Gallery representing a variety of media: Ushio Shinohara (bold expressionistic paintings and sculpture), Miwa Gen (indoor sculptures made from newspaper) and Korin Moriya (outdoor sculptures, wooden poles and coloured textiles).

Exhibiting artists: Ushio Shinohara, Miwa Gen, Korin Moriya

Continuum 85: Aspects of Japanese Art Today

In The Press
3 September, The Herald, Miwa find new media for her art
20 September, The Age, Japanese sensitivity for natural materials
21 September, The Weekend Australian, In Japana, art and utility are inseparable