Contraplex: Fiona Macdonald and Terri Bird

Sun 21 Apr 1991–
Sun 19 May 1991

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

Melbourne artist Terri Bird’s contribution to this two-artist show was Devices for the Interpretation of Nature. This installation appropriated ACCA’s Gallery 1 as part of the work, directing the viewer between a set of four pedestals placed strategically throughout the space. By crossing through the installation the viewer became part of the work, traversing the interior and exterior spaces of the gallery. 

Fiona Macdonald’s work, An Untitled Illustration: Man’s Mind pt. 17, took place in Gallery 2 and 3, and involved the subdivision of these spaces into small confided areas. Layered, disjointed images were then placed into these sub-divisions, reinforcing the sense of confinement. 

Exhibiting Artists: Fiona Macdonald, Terri Bird

Contraplex: Fiona Macdonald and Terri Bird

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