Cycle Tracks will abound in Utopia

7 Aug–28 Oct 2004

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

Cycle Tracks will abound in Utopia suggested the roundabout that is the pattern of utopian philosophy and implementation during the twentieth century.  From the early 16th century when Thomas Moore invented his perfect world ‘utopia’, derived from two Greek words: eutopia (meaning ‘good place’) and outopia (meaning ‘no place’), society has sought to conjure up the vision of an ideal society.  And yet the word ‘utopia’ also stands in common usage for the ultimate in human folly or human hope.

The exhibition sought to illustrate this complex, even chaotic collision of ideology, philosophy and imagination by creating a dynamic space of visual and physical interaction.

Exhibiting Artists: Luisa Barfuduci, Christian Capurro, Nora Ingrid Book and Catrina Heden, Alban Hajdinaj, Bianca Hester, Nora Martirosyan, Chad McCail, Martin McIrerney, Callum Morton, Raquel Ormella, Pia Ronicke, Katya Sanders, Tony Schwensen, Dmitry Vilensky, Daniel van Vree, Guan Wei, Kan Xuan, Carey Young

Curator: Juliana Engberg

Cycle Tracks will abound in Utopia  

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