Daniel von Sturmer:
The Field Equation

Fri 4 Aug 2006–
Sun 24 Sep 2006

Main Exhibition Gallery

Daniel von Sturmer created an active landscape of visual events and experiments in ACCA’s huge commission hall for the 2006 Helen Macpherson Smith Commission.

Von Sturmer’s practice draws on a range of media to experiment with the relationship between pictorial space, real space and the recorded space created in moving images. The works were concerned with the apprehension of space and time, and the way in which video can render these malleable and elastic, testing propositions about what is real.

Von Sturmer’s videos feature everyday objects and materials assuming a visual order and stability that is then called into question. Aspects of modernism and minimalism, abstraction and still life were also referenced and replayed to provoke a consideration of the visual language we rely on to describe and define the external world. The Field Equation offered a fabulous combination of scientific examination and sensory captivation. Von Sturmer’s works brought to life ideas of perception, painting, sculpture, kinetics and reflection.

Daniel von Sturmer: The Field Equation was the second Helen Macpherson Smith Commission.

Commissioning Curator: Juliana Engberg

Daniel von Sturmer: The Field Equation

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