Fact: An Installation, Publication, no. 6.

28 Oct–8 Nov 1992

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

“FACT: the assertion of something as existing or done; reality, actuality – or in law, something that has taken place, either actually or by supposition.”
(excerpt from exhibition brochure)

A national touring project involving the participation of arts organisations from around Australia, including Chameleon Contemporary Art Space, Hobart: Photospace, Canberra, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 24HR Art, Darwin, Umbrella Studios, Townsville, Linden Arts Centre, Melbourne.

Coordinated by James Harley and Shiralee Saul

Exhibiting Artists: Davida Allen, Andrew Arnaoutopoulos, Kate Brennan, Warren Burt, Colin Campbell, Alan Cruikshank, Carolyn Eskdale, Janet Gallagher, Marion Gaemers, Jane Graham, Paul Hewson, Stephen Hall, Julie Higginbotham, Timothy Hill (with Jack Price), Leigh Hobba, Clint Hurrell, Berni Janssen, Jane Kent, Penelope Lee, Michael J. Liddle, Anne Lord, Bruce Macdonald, David McDowell, Kim Mahood, Leon Marvell, Antony Moulis, Anne Neil, Marcus O’Donnell, Melissa Ogden, Simon O’Mallon, Emma Palmer, Andrew Petrusevics, Barbara Pitman, Ian Rhodes, Lyn Riddett, Neil Roberts, Bernhard Sachs, June Savage, Therese Stuart, Douglas Thomas, Hiram To, Kevin Todd, Jane Trengove, Katarina Vesterberg, Linda Marie Walker, Richard Ward, John Waller, Adam Wolter, Andrew Wright-Smith, Nicholas Zurbrugg

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