1 Nov–2 Dec 1990

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

Inland, an exhibition conceived and curated by Melbourne artist Robert Owen, was concerned with questions of cultural identity and the environment. Owen brought together works by 23 artists in an attempt to map the complexity and ambivalence of our relationship to the landscape we inhabit; a terrain charted with the problematics and constraints of language. Inland explored the idea that the term ‘periphery’ is key to constructing cultural identity in Australia, and considered ideas of the centre being a place of absence.

Curated by Robert Owen

Exhibiting Artists: George Alexander, Suzanne Barta, Terri Bird, Joan Brassil, Paul Carter, Tony Clark, Aleks Danko, John De Silento, Neil Emmerson, Rosalie Gascoigne, Joan Dickson Grounds, Graeme Hare, Tim Johnson, Penelope Lee, John Lethbridge, Geoff Lowe, Robert MacPherson, John Nixon, Robert Owen, Mike Parr, Stieg Persson, Marie Sierra, Imants Tillers, Jennifer Turpin, Wendy Webb


In the Press
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