Janet Cardiff:
Forty-Part Motet

16 Oct–12 Dec 2004

Main Exhibition Gallery

Presented as part of the 2004 Melbourne Festival’s ‘VOICE’ series, ACCA hosted Janet Cardiff’s now famous multi-voiced installation Forty-Part Motet, a performance of Thomas Tallis’ Spem in Alium nunquam habui.  First staged in 2001, Forty-Part Motet has had a number of manifestations in cathedrals, museums and kunsthalles.  At ACCA, Cardiff re-presented the installation to best reflect its highly minimalist situation. The project involved 40 individual soundtracks, each containing a unique voice which, when brought together, form a choir to sing Tallis’ composition.  Like many of Cardiff’s sound pieces the audience became aware of the fragmentary and communal moments of aural occasion.

Curator: Rebecca Coates

MIAF Visual Arts Program

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Janet Cardiff