Jim Lambie:
Eight Miles High

Sat 2 Aug 2008–
Sun 21 Sep 2008

Main Exhibition Gallery

Acclaimed international artist Jim Lambie was commissioned to create a unique site-specific installation for ACCA’s main hall. Known for his colourful geo-optic floors of contouring stripes, and assemblies of specific objects, Lambie devised a libidinous landscape full of voodoo that shifted space and orientation. Lambie’s work was ideally suited to make maximum use of ACCA’s large room. His ploy of following the contours of the architectural floor plan emphasised the unique asymmetry of the space to extract energy in fault lines where colour stripes became intense and frissoned. His objects, including the black mattress painting, soul stick, ruined cockatoo and concrete Sonic Reducer bunkers each had their role to play in creating a disorienting archaeology of space. All was held steady and anchored by the suspended object, ‘big dipper’ constellation, made from mirrors and collaged eyes, which created an ocular plug into the space.

Commissioning Curator: Juliana Engberg

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Jim Lambie