London Orphan Asylum

8 Dec 2000–28 Jan 2001

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

London Orphan Asylum paid homage to the variety and intensity of London art so often flattened out with the media friendly ‘Young British Art’ hype. This show presented a thoughtful diversified image of London’s interdisciplinary art scene, centering on the permanently transitional area of the East End. Exemplifying the practices of this other side of London’s art scene was a relationship to materials that centred on ideas of immateriality and re-use. London Orphan Asylum was a stroll through the East End, into its streets, clubs and galleries, documenting the less mediated new art in London, one of the world’s thriving and most watched contemporary art centres.

Exhibiting Artists: Martin Creed and Hugo Glendinning, Pauline Daly, Jeremy Deller, Matthew Franks, Brian Griffits, Inventory, Klega, Mark Leckey, Tim MacMillan, Denise Webber, Sue Webster and Tim Noble, Tomoko Takahashi

Curators: Gilda Williams and Clare Manchester

London Orphan Asylum

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