Lucy Orta: Nomadic Village

17 Mar–23 Apr 2000

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

Nomadic Village comprised new work commissioned by ACCA from Paris-based artist Lucy Orta. Orta drew on her early training in fashion-textile design to create rhetorical survival and refuge wear for the homeless, refugees and other urban nomads. Her work was positioned somewhere between clothing, shelter and architecture, and called to attention social issues such as homelessness, poverty and waste that arise in large cities. The new works created for ACCA comprised part of her ongoing ‘Nexus Architecture’ series in which individual components were preserved within an interconnected series of suits and shelters to form a village inside the gallery space. 

Lucy Orta’s visit to Melbourne was assisted by the Association Francaise Action Artistique and the Alliance Francaise de Melbourne. 

Exhibition coordinator: Stuart Koop

Nomadic Village

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Lucy Orta