Muntean/Rosenblum: Being in and out of love too many times itself makes you harder to love

16 Oct–12 Dec 2004

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

Presented as part of the 2004 Melbourne Festival’s ‘VOICE’ series ACCA surveyed the works of Muntean and Rosenblum whose drawings, paintings, photographs, videos and installations provided a script for the frustration, confusion, sense of alienation and languor of youth. Using realist imagery inside an idiom of illustration and cinematic mis-en-scene Muntean and Rosenblum created vignettes of life that deliver a kind of street discourse.  Love, generosity and passion were elevated against backdrops of uncertainty, detachment and self-interest in paradoxical philosophies.

Curator: Juliana Engberg (Melbourne Festival Visual Art Curator)        

MIAF Visual Arts Program


Muntean Rosenblum