Sat 17 Mar 2007–
Sun 20 May 2007

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

NEW07 offered the look of love, the disappearance of things, masculine mythologies, the aesthetic of the pathetic, fractured identities, a skating incident … and more. ACCA’s fifth annual exhibition showcasing emerging Australian artists indicted a shift in artistic practice: NEW06 showed a highpoint in the referencing of early 60s minimalism, while NEW07 predicted a return to the low-tech aesthetic of recycling found objects and a reinterpretation of materialism.

Exhibiting Artists: Damiano Bertoli, Christian Capurro, Nick Devlin, Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro, Anastasia Klose, Brendan Lee

Commissioning Curator: Juliana Engberg
Coordinating Curator: Anna MacDonald


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