Painted Spaces

17 Mar–23 Apr 2000

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

Painted Spaces was an international collaboration by seven artists from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA, coordinated by participating Melbourne artist, David Thomas. Each artist produced a floor-to-ceiling wall painting and the seven paintings were exhibited edge to edge around the perimeter of ACCA’s Smorgon Gallery. The result was a continuous panorama of concepts, styles and media. Each section of wall developed the themes of the individual artist’s work, but also related to the adjacent work of other participating artists, and to the room overall, building a faceted picture of contemporary painting. By creating these works directly on the surface of the gallery walls, the artists made the gallery space active, rather than being simply a repository for the display of art work. The exhibition toured the UK and New Zealand after its premier at ACCA.

Exhibiting Artists: Chris Heaphy, Phil Jones, Richard Kirk, Simon Morris, Sabina Ott, Wilma Tabacco, David Thomas

Curator: David Thomas

Painted Spaces

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