Site of Execution: 28 Artists in One Week Exhibitions

21 Jun–24 Jul 1988

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

A series of week-long exhibitions by 28 young and emerging artists who were given the opportunity to present new work in a professional gallery context.

Week 1: Christopher Beaumont, Malcolm Bywaters, Michael Graf, Anthony Harding, Sean Loughrey
Week 2: Kent Morris, Andrea Paton, Louise Paramor, Kym Sansovini, David Thomas, Hiram To
Week 3: Alan Ginn, Michael Kelly, Dette Mifsud, Cameron Robbins, Joanne Ritson
Week 4: Stephen Bram, Russell Goodman, Michael Hall, Lewis Miller, Carole Roberts

Exhibiting artists: Christopher Beaumont, Stephen Bram, Malcolm Bywaters, Alan Ginn, Russell Goodman, Michael Graf, Michael Hall, Anthony Harding, Michael Kelly, Sean Loughrey, Dette Mifsud, Lewis Miller, Kent Morris, Louise Paramor, Andrea Paton, Joanne Ritson, Cameron Robbins, Carole Roberts, Kym Sansovini, David Thomas, Hiram To, Mutlu Çerkez / Andrew Shields