Sonic Meditation (for Exploded Marching Band and EEG monitor)

20 Mar–31 Mar 2023

Main exhibition gallery
Atlassian Wonderspace, Austin

ACCA is pleased to have been invited to lead the in-office global art program for Atlassian Wonderspace. A series designed to champion local creatives, giving them a platform to push the boundaries of innovation within their work through immersive and thought-provoking installations.

Sonic Meditation (for Suspended Marching Band and EEG monitor) is a new work by Austin based artist, Steve Parker, shown in Austin, Texas for the Wonderspace program. The installation is an immersive musical composition presented as a constellation of salvaged and invented instruments, reminiscent of a brass band suspended in space.

Participants are invited to create their own musical composition with an EEG device. The device transmits brain data to a computer, which is separated into five frequencies and translated into a score then played by the hanging instruments. In a march toward technology, the instruments are fitted with speakers and electronics. As participants read through an accompanying Sonic Meditation, changes in their mental state creates a lush soundscape that resonates from the instruments in the room.

The term ‘Sonic Meditation’ was originally coined by the late Pauline Oliveros –American avant-garde composer – to highlight the virtues of listening. Steve draws upon her contributions to music and the idea of ‘Deep Listening’, tuning into the subtleties of sound in daily life to guide us toward new practices of listening to ourselves and others, without judgement. He believes that through listening, we create opportunities for healing and compassion.

Watch the artist interview with Steve Parker produced by Atlassian Wonderspace, Austin.


Steve Parker