Sonic Residues 02

Fri 17 Nov 2000–
Sun 3 Dec 2000

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

Sonic Residues 02 was a unique opportunity to experience some of the best sound art in the world. Gathering together performances, installation, sound and video work from across the globe (UK, France, Germany, US, New Zealand, Japan) the project was designed to encourage a wider public interest in electronic and sound art. The program comprised a series of public events, including concerts and forums, and eleven sound installation works involving over 60 composers and artists.     

Exhibiting Artists: Nat Bates, Ros Brandt, Kim Cascone, Peter Chamberlain, John Arthur Grant, Chris Henschke, Donna Hewitt, Dennis H Miller, Renate Oblak and Michael Pinter, Robert Towlands, Ken Steen, Ian Stevenson.

Co-ordinated by Garth Paine    

Sonic Residues 02