TV Moore:
With Love & Squalor

15 Aug–27 Sep 2015

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery


Castaway Cove P35F4 Dulux Professional Flat Acrylic
Pink Gin A26 Dulux Professional Flat Acrylic
Sunbound A2606 Dulux Professional Flat Acrylic
Pink Dream P04H4 Dulux Professional Flat Acrylic
White Dulux Professional Flat Acrylic

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Part of ACCA’s annual Influential Australian Artist program, With Love & Squalor brings together recent and new works by this celebrated New York based artist, using animation and sound as a central theme.

Moore’s first major solo exhibition to be held in Melbourne will feature his video and sound works, as well as hyper-electric digital paintings within a tactile environment, all characterised by the artist’s ongoing critical consideration of technology and media consumption across high and low culture.

For more than a decade, Moore has maintained an unwavering commitment to creating a body of work that engages with the moving image in all its forms.  Using video, animation, performance and sound, as well as painting, photography, sculpture and installation, Moore creates psychedelic, decadent works that reach back to pop, abstract expressionism and surrealism.  His works are characterized by an overriding sense of emotion, where energy and angst, perversion and pleasure, seduction and danger co-exist.

With Love & Squalor will include the video animation Tripasso In Wackyland, a conceptually-dense mash-up of pop-culture, where Stanley Kubrick meets Looney Toons and Fantasia turns into a terrifying dreamscape; The Way Things Grow, an animated interpretation of seminal Fischli & Weiss video work The Way Things Go; and as well as new works created specifically for this exhibition including the sound project When Cats Dream of Everything.



TV Moore

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