Up the Road: Contemporary Artists out of the Victorian College of the Arts

11 Jul–23 Aug 1998

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

A collaborative project between ACCA and the VCA, which in 1998 celebrated 25 years nurturing and development artistic practice. The exhibition moved away from conventional survey models to examine a series of juxtapositions between younger and older artists, early and recent work, and known and unfamiliar works.

Guest curated by Gareth Sansom (ex Dean, School of Art, Victorian College of the Arts)

Exhibiting Artists: Lauren Berkowitz, Steven Cox, Brent Harris, Louise Hearman, Bill Henson, Tim Jones and Jon Campbell, Linda Marrinon, Lewis Miller, Rose Nolan, Susan Norrie, Stieg Persson, Patricia Piccinini, Jacqueline Riva, Jane Trengove, Peter Walsh, Kim Westcott

Up the Road

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