14 Oct–15 Nov 2014

ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

A shipping container on the ACCA forecourt will house a series of weekly exhibitions from ACCA’s talented pool of artist volunteers and gallery staff, from October through November. 

This year there’ll be live bed-side therapy sessions, paintings inspired by Google Maps, a project that explores the commodification of creative output as well as new photography and sculptural works.

Week 1: 14 – 18 October: Lucie McIntosh engages with techniques of abstraction and explores the materiality of print to create a series of photographs that explore issues around the authenticity of photographic representation. 

Week 2: 21 – 25 October: Hana Vasak has recast and reshaped a pregnant abdomen in porcelain and juxtaposes the form with a collection of rocks to create sculptures that draw on the duality of the body and nature.

Week 3: 27 October – 1 November: Lorilee Yang will present a series of paintings and booklets inspired by Google map screenshots of various locations around the world named ‘Paradise’.

Week 4: 4 – 8 November:  Bianca Tainsh will explore the commodification of creative output by inviting a series of commercial artists to create a logo for a fictional business.

Week 5: 11 – 15 November:  Inez de Vega will invite passers by to get into bed with  her alter ego Lillian Temple-Dumble  for some serious street counseling, broadcast live and loud throughout the ACCA precinct.

Supported by Royal Wolf and The Robert Salzer Foundation.

Royal Wolf