VNS Matrix: Public Intervention Project

1 Aug–31 Aug 1994

ACCA, Dallas Brooks Drive, The Domain

The E/Sensual Fragments series included a solo project by artists who explored ideas of sexuality, sensuality, the erotic and the body. It was coordinated by Juliana Engberg and Rachel Young.

The final component of the E/Sensual Fragments series, VNS Matrix developed a special image as a poster that was displayed at various sites throughout inner Melbourne. VNS Matrix were cyber-feminists whose ironic and witty art injected a critical edge into the arena of art and technology.

Exhibiting Artists: Josephine Starrs, Virginia Barratt, Julianne Pearce, Francesca da Rimini

VNS Matrix: Public Intervention Project

In the Press
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Other Material
VNX Matrix postcards