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Feedback Loops

...and Zadie Xa. The works of participating artists register these dynamics in circuitous disruptions of linear approaches to narrative, time, space, value and power, along with their considerations of empathy – towards both humans and non-human forms. The works and worlds presented...

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...nbsp;Zadie Xa, Sahej Rahal and Madison Bycroft who, with Lu Yang, are all exhibiting in ACCA’s exhibition Feedback Loops (7 December 2019 – 22 March 2020). Video production by Gatherer Media.

Feedback Loops: Artist Interviews Watch our interviews with artists Justin Shoulder, Tianzhuo Chen, Zadie Xa...

Exhibition Opening: Feedback Loops

...with a cyclical sensibility that is playful, spectacular and challenges us to imagine alternative possibilities. Curated by Miriam Kelly, Feedback Loops comprises new commissions and presentations of recent works by Madison Bycroft, Tianzhuo Chen, Lu Yang, Sahej Rahal, Justin Shoulder, Zadie Xa.

Feedback Loops Exhibition Kit

...and international artists: Madison Bycroft, Tianzhuo Chen, Lu Yang, Sahej Rahal, Justin Shoulder, and Zadie Xa. Curated by Miriam Kelly, the exhibition comprises of new commissions and recent works in video, installation, interactive gaming and artificial intelligence, as well as a program of live performance...
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Feedback Loops

...and internationally, including recently as La Manutention performance artist in residence at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and collaborative as Club Ate with Bhenji Ra in the 8th Asia Pacific Triennial at Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane. Zadie Xa has...
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Announcing ACCA’s 2020 Exhibition Program

Lu Yang, Sahej Rahal, Justin Shoulder, Zadie Xa Curator: Miriam Kelly Featuring new commissions and existing works by six local and international artists whose practices sample ideas and images from our past and present to speculate on the future. Feedback Loops brings...