29 Sep 2014

The ACCA Upstarts Program

 14 October – 15 November 2014
The shipping-container pop-up returns to Grant Street
The ACCA Upstarts Program

Lorilee Yang, Paradise 2014. Courtesy the artist

A shipping container on the ACCA forecourt will house a series of weekly exhibitions from ACCA’s amazingly talented pool of artist volunteers and gallery staff, from October through November. 

This year there’ll be live bed-side therapy sessions, paintings inspired by Google Maps, a project that explores the commodification of creative output as well as new photography and sculptural works.

Around 60 young artists, designers and students volunteer or work at ACCA and all are invited to apply for the Upstarts program.  The program acknowledges the vital role they play in the day to day running of the gallery, and gives them the  opportunity to work with the ACCA team to discuss and exhibit their artwork in a unique environment within Melbourne’s arts precinct. 

This is the fourth ACCA pop-up and, following the tradition, Upstarts will be held on the ACCA forecourt, next to Grant Street.  The shipping container will be onsite at ACCA for a five-week period and exhibitions will change on a weekly basis. 

Week 1: 14 – 18 October: Lucie McIntosh engages with techniques of abstraction and explores the materiality of print to create a series of photographs that explore issues around the authenticity of photographic representation. 

Week 2: 21 – 25 October: Hana Vasak has recast and reshaped a pregnant abdomen in porcelain and juxtaposes the form with a collection of rocks to create sculptures that draw on the duality of the body and nature.

Week 3: 27 October – 1 November: Lorilee Yang will present a series of paintings and booklets inspired by Google map screenshots of various locations around the world named ‘Paradise’.

Week 4: 4 – 8 November:  Bianca Tainsh will explore the commodification of creative output by inviting a series of commercial artists to create a logo for a fictional business.

Week 5: 11 – 15 November:  Inez de Vega will invite passers by to get into bed with  her alter ego Lillian Temple-Dumble  for some serious street counseling, broadcast live and loud throughout the ACCA precinct.

ACCA’s UPSTARTS Program takes place in a shipping container on the ACCA Forecourt. It is open from 11.30am to 2.30pm Tuesday – Saturday.
Supported by Royal Wolf and The Robert Salzer Foundation.

ACCA, 111 Sturt Street, Southbank.

For further media information:  Katrina Hall, 0421153046 or