Mikala Dwyer: Goldene Bend’er catalogue

Mikala Dwyer is a Sydney-based artist known for her playful, fantastical installations that explore matter and alchemical metamorphosis. Three works, including a major sculpture series and a performance project comprise this exhibition from one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists.

Goldene Bend’er links three of ACCA’s galleries with new works that explore the body, transition and transformation, revealing Dwyer’s customary use of a variety of materials (fabric, metal, ceramic, paint and organic matter) and gestures.

This catalogue of the exhibition includes texts by Justin Clemens, Dr Edward Colless, Pamela Hansford, Declan Long, Hannah Mathews, Linda Michael, Dr Toni Ross. Foreword by Kay Campbell.

Black and white publication with 24 pg colour insert, 96 pages