ACCA Summer Listening Podcasts

Mon 21 Dec 2015

This is a past program.

Enjoyed the Biography of Things exhibition? Want to know more? Listen to our selection of podcasts over your summer break.

The Biography of Things – Curators Hannah Mathews and Annika Kristensen

Curators Hannah Mathews and Annika Kristensen introduce the central ideas of The Biography of Things exhibition and take us on a curatorial walk through, exploring many of the artworks. 

The Biography Of Things – Dr Gillian Tan

Anthropologist Dr Gillian Tan lectures at Deakin University and has conducted long term ethnographic field-work among nomads of eastern Tibet. On this podcast she offers her own unique insights into The Biography of Things

The Biography of Things – Emily Bitto

Melbourne author Emily Bitto won the 2015 Stella prize for women's writing for her debut novel, The Strays. Emily reads a brand new piece of fiction she has written in response to The Biography of Things