ACCA’s Sunday Sessions

Sun 31 Jul 2016

This is a past program.
ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

Guided exhibition tours running every Sunday at 3pm for the duration of Painting. More Painting.

Join ACCA’s Gallery Guides as they offer their knowledge, insights and personal reflections. The tours will run for approximately 30 minutes with an opportunity for questions and discussion.
Chapter 1:

Sunday 31 July, 3pm
Tour by Nick Chilvers
Nick will guide visitors on a walk through the social space of the gallery; discussing whatever new ideas we might produce on the subject of painting, in the broader scope of art and contemporary life.

Sunday 7 August, 3pm
Tour by Anna Parlane
There is an ancient connection between history telling and image making in both Indigenous Australian and European art traditions. Anna will discuss the particular approach to history and story telling in the works of Helen Johnson and Nyapanyapa Yunupingu, focusing on how these artists complicate established traditions.

Sunday 14 August, 3pm
Tour by Lucy Mactier
Lucy will discuss the ways in which contemporary artists approach a depiction of the Australian landscape, and the narratives of conflict, struggle and colonialism that are inherent to it, with a particular focus on Daniel Boyd and Fiona Lowry.

Sunday 21 August, 3pm
Tour by Sean Miles
In the 1960s language was an important tool for conceptual artists, and continues to reverberate in contemporary art practice. Sean will focus on the work of Jon Campbell and Robert MacPherson to talk about the use of text and language in painting in relation to the Australian vernacular and humour.

Sunday 28 August, 3pm
Tour by Lauren Ravi
Lauren will discuss ways in which contemporary painters formally employ the aesthetics, tools and structures of the internet in the creation of artworks, as well as its cultural and social effects.

Chapter 2:

Sunday 4 September, 3pm
Tour by Jacqui Shelton
Through a focus on Angela Brennan’s contemporary paintings and the influence of renaissance era painting has on her practice, Jacqui will draw ties between painting’s deep, often conflicted history and its contemporary manifestations today.

Sunday 11 September, 3pm
Tour by Hanna Chetwin
Hanna will discuss the range of abstract painting in the exhibition, focusing on the different historical schools of abstraction the artists draw on in developing their own practices.

Sunday 18 September, 3pm
Tour by Ella Shi
Ella will discuss the role and potential of painting in relation to activism and social critique, considering its specific operations in counterpoint to participatory and socially engaged art forms.

Sunday 25 September, 3pm
Tour by Maya Chakraborty
Through a close study of specific paintings with a particular focus on colour, composition and materials, Maya will expand on an analysis and discussion of the diverse range of formal qualities employed in contemporary painting.