Book Launch: Artistic Research in the Future Academy

Tue 24 Oct 2017

This is a past program.
ACCA Foyer

Danny Butt is a member of the art collective Local Time, and coordinates the Master of Arts and Community Practice at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. He is also a Research Associate in the Research Unit in Public Cultures.

Professor Nikos Papastergiadis is the Director of the Research Unit in Public Cultures, and Professor in the School of Culture and Communication at The University of Melbourne.

Professor Barbara Bolt is an artist and art theorist, and Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of VCA and MCM, University of Melbourne.

Professor Ashok Mathur is a writer, cultural organizer, and interdisciplinary artist, and incoming Dean of Graduate Studies at OCAD University in Toronto.

How Artistic Research Ends

Join by Danny Butt for a public talk discussing the state—and future challenges—of artistic research in the Academy on the occasion of the launch of his latest book Artistic Research in the Future Academy (published by Intellect, 2017).

The book will be launched by Professor Nikos Papastergiadis (University of Melbourne), joined by Professor Barbara Bolt (Victorian College of the Arts) and Professor Ashok Mathur (OCAD University) for an open discussion.

“Artistic research” shadowed the growth of graduate study in studio arts in the late 20th century, including the integration of many art schools and polytechnics into a tightly integrated and networked higher education sector, and an accompanying interest in art’s relationship to traditional academic disciplines. As the art education sector grew, the key debates were concerned with what the future of artistic research should look like as it expands.

However, given the impact of neoliberal austerity measures and funding cuts that have resulted in programme closures and declining enrolments, we now consider the likelihood of artistic research contracting. What if artistic research is now approaching the end of its university life, a fate potentially shared by the critical elements of the humanities and social sciences? Based on the historical analysis from the book “Artistic Research in the Future Academy”, this presentation imagines the potential ways artistic research may end and what this may mean for its potential renewal.

For information and order the book online visit the Artistic Research in the Future Academy website.

This event is supported by the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.

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