Justin Shoulder: C A R R \ ON

Thu 20 Feb 2020

This is a past program.
Main Exhibition Gallery


Please note, this performance takes place in the gallery and will involve low lighting, loud sounds and the use of a smoke machine.

The performance will run for approx., 30 mins. Seating is available on request, please speak to a staff member on the night or email us here to arrange a seating space.

ACCA is fully wheelchair accessible, with two accessible parking spaces just outside the entrance in Sturt Street and a wheelchair accessible bathroom. ACCA has a wheelchair that is available on request for use by visitors.

“Never quite human, only ever Frankenstein: a ghost of the west, a virus, a trickster, or a prehistoric bird.” – Justin Shoulder

PLEASE NOTE: This performance is now sold out.

Please note there are two performances on Thursday 20 February:



A third performance will take place on Saturday 22 February, 6:30–7:00pm. Read more and book your tickets here.

C A R R \ ON

Join us in the galleries for a live performance by Justin Shoulder with an accompanying live score by Corin Ileto as part of ACCA’s exhibition Feedback Loops.

Justin Shoulder emerges as Carrion, a chimeric creature, in a performance that compels us to consider post-human embodiment in our state of planetary disarray. As a continuation of Shoulder’s repertoire of bestiary, Phasmahammer, this hybrid human/animal/cyborg delves into ancient wisdoms, the mess of the present and polymorphous complexity of a speculative future. Carrion: Episodes are part of Shoulder’s club performance series and the greater ongoing body of work Carrion.

Tonight’s forecast, increasing clouds, mind fog ~ routine escape.

A feeling of portent in the lower hemisphere>>>>>>

A high pressure system of wealth and power with a focus on efficiency /././././

A 50% chance of clearing, although we see here a high chance of collapse

A cold front producing severe weather *coral bleaching*

A self eating system

Potential for new fascist leadership

But also a shift in consciousness.

Familial communion

Life and death.


Justin Shoulder

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