Clark Beaumont: The O zone

Mon 10 Jul 2017

This is a past program.
Main Exhibition Gallery

Climate change – a daily debate between scientists and sceptics, reported so regularly in the press that our attention spans inevitably wane – is, as Al Gore once coined it, ‘an inconvenient truth’, and one of the greatest existential threats of our time. We know that global warming is the result of human activities, that collective action is needed now, yet the magnitude of the problem, and our perceived insignificance as individuals, all too frequently leads to a hopeless inaction, an ‘all care but no responsibility’ resignation on our behalves.

In The O zone Clark Beaumont explore the various relationships between climate change and sex – using the seductive taboo of the latter to draw attention to the devastating reality of the former, and allowing each subject to disarm the other, as well as to open up complex issues and competing perspectives surrounding both. Through a script comprised of both found and original text – including facts, estimations, intimate thoughts & personal anecdotes – and movement designed by experimental choreographer Mirjam Sögner – The O zone shocks us into sense, drawing attention to our relationships with one another and the environment, and encouraging realisation of how our individual desires and actions have potential collective, and lasting, affects.

Bar open from 5.30pm
Performance commences at 6pm sharp

This is the first of two performances of The O zone by Clark Beaumont. If you missed out on tickets to this event, click here to view details for the second performance on Tuesday 11 July, 6pm.


Clark Beaumont

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