Departed Acts #4

Tue 23 Oct 2018

This is a past program.
Main Exhibition Gallery

ACCA is pleased to host the fourth edition of Departed Acts, a performance-lecture series, developed by Bus Projects, that invites Victorian artists, writers and curators to recall the experience of a pivotal exhibition or artwork that has influenced their practice.

Departed Acts #4 will feature Melbourne-based artists Lou Hubbard, Nikos Pantazopoulos and Makiko Yamamoto, who will each explore the influence of a pivotal exhibition or artwork that has marked their art practice.

Departed Acts embraces poetic, emotional, contentious, and contradictory readings as important components in mnemonic thought processes. It is conducted with varying degrees of visual accompaniment, and with a critical playfulness towards the lecture format. Rather than focussing on objective testimony, Departed Acts embraces the tangential nature of recollection, allowing for the factual and fictitious to intertwine. Intended as an open-ended, train-of-thought exercise, Departed Acts allows space for a personal, freely associative discourse, intending to provide a deeper and more intimate understanding of the creative process.

Departed Acts is a series developed by Bus Projects with events taking place throughout 2018.


Lou Hubbard makes assemblage sculptures, video and her other forms of drawing. She operates on objects such as confectionary eyeballs and teeth, watermelons and rubber horses, walking frames and tartan apparel, to enact the dynamics of training and submission, and the aesthetics of sentimentality. Since 2000 Hubbard has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across Australia, and internationally. Major shows include the Perth International Arts Festival; Making It New Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 2009; NEW 10 Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne 2010; Reinventing the Wheel: the Readymade Century Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne 2013; Melbourne NOW, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 2013–14; and Dead Still Standing, West Space, Melbourne 2015. Hubbard teaches in the School of Art, VCA and is represented by Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne.

Nik Pantazopoulos situates his work in post-minimalism and abstraction. The work is in reaction to the materiality of photography, mediated through sculpture and spatial practice. His current focus is on ornamentation
and affects on architecture and develops traditional fabrication methods to transform materials. Nik is interested in the transdisciplinarity of mediums interrogating through a psychosexual, political and an art historical lens. Recent projects include: Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art, Spring 1883, The Windsor, Melbourne 2018; Looking but not seeing, Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria 2018; Next Wave Festival curated by Zara Sigglekow, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne 2018; DISMANTLE, Gertrude Contemporary Glasshouse, Melbourne, 2017; Like a clap of thunder, Centre of Contemporary Photography, Melbourne 2017

Makiko Yamamoto (b. Japan) is based in Melbourne and has been developing her sonic and spatial practice over the past 15 years. She uses a wide range of formats – live performance, private recordings, radio broadcast, and sound-based installation. Yamamoto’s practice engages a theoretical approach, utilising fundamental materials such as the voice, the body and language as conveyers of meaning. She examines the structure of language, investigating its transformative potentials and value the act of listening as a counterbalance to the more isolating and authoritative qualities in language. Employing a sense of awkwardness, Yamamoto’s work exposes the vulnerabilities of the social and ideological codes underlying in spoken language and everyday verbal communication, often including translation and misunderstanding as important elements of the process. After completing a Master of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2012, she has presented works at numerous events nationally and internationally, including at the Hobart Biennale and with Liquid Architecture in 2018.