Distribution series #1: Introduction to Art Librarianship

Wed 23 Feb 2022

This is a past program.
ACCA Foyer

This event will take place at ACCA. A podcast recording of the event will be available via ACCA website and Soundcloud.

Find out more about the Reading Space: The Common Room here.

Join Melbourne Art Library for the first in their series of discussions about experimental modes of sharing information.

Reflecting on the library of written materials on public art, public culture and public space in the Reading Space: The Common Room, Melbourne Art Library unpack the role of the contemporary art librarian.

Forum Series: Distribution
What power dynamics are at play in the distribution of information? How democratic is ‘collective’ knowledge? And how are individuals and collectives disrupting the flow of information?

The Distribution forum series prods, unravels, makes-visible, and excites non-mainstream ways of information sharing. Engaging publishers, editors, and alternative institutions, the series explores active projects in Naarm/Melbourne that question the traditional flow of information.

Presented by Melbourne Art Library, a not-for-profit lending library exploring art librarianship as a philosophy and mode of practice; a practice guided by collaboration, criticism, and exchange.

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