The Round Table: Embroidery Workshop with Bats of Leisure

Sun 18 Feb 2018

This is a past program.
Round Table, Main Exhibition Gallery

Join Bats of Leisure at the Round Table for an embroidery class combined with an open discussion about feminism. Embroidery is loaded with cultural weight. Traditionally, in many cultures, embroidery and quality of embroidery was often a measure of a woman’s personal worth. In the past, embroidery was often classified as ‘womens work’, rather than an art form, and associated with the domestic and femininity.

This embroidery workshop is open to all and designed as a means of channelling and embracing femininity, as well as, to promote discussions about feminism today.


Bats of Leisure is a Melbourne based art collective run by siblings Aoife Billings and Aaron Billings, whose work provides a contemporary context for the practice of needle point work.
Aaron Billings is an artist, whose practice focuses on making work about social activism, capitalism and queer identity. Aoife Billings is an artist with a background in fashion, whose practice focuses on embroidered textile works that make implicit social contracts explicit. Both Aaron and Aoife Billings have been teaching embroidery at Signal and RMIT, Melbourne for over three years.


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