Greater Together: Exhibition Opening

Fri 7 Jul 2017

This is a past program.
Main Exhibition Gallery

Join us to celebrate the opening of Greater Together, curated by Annika Kristensen on Friday 7 July, with a special performance by participating artists Antoinette J. Citizen and Courtney Coombs.

Greater Together presents eight artist projects that complicate individual notions of authorship to focus on ideas of collaboration and cooperation as a means of agency and solidarity, in a complex and changing world. While acknowledging the inherent challenges of working together, and the often-utopian ideals of collectivity, the exhibition explores various models of artistic collaboration (from conscious, pragmatic decisions to divide skills and labour; to the natural result of long-term friendships,romantic partnerships or family ties) to consider broader ideas of community, communication and cooperation – both in the discipline of art and in the wider, global, networked world.

A ninth project, WORK/SHOP, engages four artist practitioners and collaborators who have developed conceptual retail projects for the ACCA bookshop as a physical and metaphorical extension of the exhibition.


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