ICONS: Peter Zumthor, ‘The Therme Vals’

Mon 15 Sep 2014

This is a past program.
ACCA Foyer

Atmosphere, experience and the sensorial nature of a building is often left out of the conversation within the fetishised, form obsessed, rapid turnover of media relating to design and architecture. However it’s these qualities which consciously or subconsciously influence those who occupy the built realm. Every building has a sensorial profile, but some are highly considered, tailored to evoke particular experiences and memories. At the pinnacle of such work stands Peter Zumthor, a Pritzker Laureate and winner of the 2013 RIBA Gold Medal Award. Slowly crafting cinematic architecture, acutely aware of its influence on the human body and environment, Zumthor has been described by Swiss critic Peter Rüedi, as “an essentialist of the sensual.” The sensorial nature of Zumthor's work will be discussed via his iconic project, the Therme Vals in Graubünden, an astonishing building Zumthor describes as a love affair between stone and water.  

Aaron Roberts is founding Co-Director of Room11 architecture studio.

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