Isms: Feminist art and editorial histories

Sat 17 Mar 2018

This is a past program.
Main Exhibition Gallery

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How does gender bias effect the arts? What does the gender representation in national art collection tell us about our society?

Join the conversation with leading art historians, curators and artists, who will reflect on the evolution of gender balance in the arts in the past 40 years and propose the new challenges we are facing today.

This symposium will be introduced by Angela Goddard, Board Member, SHEILA, A Foundation for Women in Visual Art, and current Director of the Griffith University Art Museum; and convened by Vikki McInnes, Editor, Art & Australia, Co-Curator of Unfinished Business.


  • Janine Burke, author, art historian, biographer and award-winning novelist. Curator, Australian Women Artists: 1840-1940, George Paton Gallery in 1975
  • Vikki McInnes, Editor, Art & Australia, Co-Curator of Unfinished Business and PhD candidate researching feminisms and the archive
  • Jacqueline Milner, Art Historian, Future Feminist Archive, University of Sydney, Future Feminist Archive
  • Elvis Richardson, Founder of CoUNTess, artist and co-curator of Unfinished Business
  • Gemma Weston, Curator, The Cruthers Collection, University of Western Australia

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