Kader Attia Symposium

Sat 11 Nov 2017

This is a past program.
ACCA Foyer

This Symposium is supported by the Consulate of France in Australia.


Inspired by La Colonie, initiated by Kader Attia in Paris in 2016 as a space where ‘people can come together to share ideas, to debate issues, to share a drink or a meal’, ACCA invites a range of artists, academics and community activists to discuss ideas of cultural exchange, appropriation, and the tangled relationship between extra-Occidental cultures and the West in the wake of decolonisation and de-imperialisation. Convened by Nur Shkembi and Léuli Eshraghi, curator-researchers focused on questions of identity in relation to the dominant discourse, the afternoon will address a wide range of ideas in relation to Kader Attia’s work, including notions of injury, repair and reparation, interrupted by conversations, food and artistic propositions.

Taking Kader Attia’s work Ghost, which originates in the figure of the artist’s mother in prayer, Hoda Afshar (Artist), Alia Gabres (Storyteller and Creative Producer) and Nur Shkembi will address the implications of the Western gaze upon the veiled woman and how it may be interrupted. Moderated by Léuli Eshraghi, together with Tess Do (Academic), Lisa Hilli (Artist and Researcher) and Kim Kruger (Curator and Manager) the second part of the afternoon will discuss Indigenous and diasporic cultural practices of decolonisation, repair and renewal in the Great Ocean/Pacific Rim region.

These two panel discussions will be book ended by spoken word artist Abdul Hammoud and musician Timothy Johannessen focused on philosophical roots of Persian music and its instruments.

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