Make it. Teach it

Mon 22 Aug 2016

This is a past program.
ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

Spend the day at ACCA creating and making with artists involved in Painting. More Painting, an exhibition showcasing the evolution of over seventy Australian painters’ interests, techniques and approaches.

Learn inventive ways of creating and experimenting with contemporary art in the classroom. Kick off the day with a curatorial talk through the exhibition, followed by presentations and making workshops from participating artists Kirsty Budge and Jon Campbell.

These hands-on workshops will be inspired by the ways in which artists continue to reinvent painting within strict formal limitations, and in response to new perceptual conditions brought about by digital and virtual realms.

A set of complimentary resources will be provided for activities to be practically adapted and used with primary and secondary students at different levels.

Recommended for primary, secondary and pre-service teachers.
$120. Lunch provided

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