On the hour: Unfinished Business

Sat 24 Feb 2018

This is a past program.
Main Exhibition Gallery

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About Hypnic

A hypnic jerk is a sudden inexplicable sensation of falling when drifting off to sleep, often accompanied by a rapid heartbeat and sweating. Archie Barry’s Hypnic (2017) is a work in which the face and voice of the artist is doubled. The barriers between dreaming and being, between what is real and what is abstract are gently dissolved in this performance work. A small sculptural costume sings about their liminal existence, with the artist later joining them in a harmonious duet.

This work creates a corporeal intensity which explores the artists centring of the unease that a gender ambiguous existence might contain. The song in Hypnic points to a lamentation over a universal sensation of unease, the ambiguous gender of the tiny face and its voice.

Join us for an afternoon rolling artist talks and performance on the hour alongside Unfinished Business, featuring exhibiting Melbourne-based artists Archie Barry, Elizabeth Gower, Kate Just, Ruth O’Leary, Sophie Takách, Eugenia Lim.


2:00pm Floor talk by Elizabeth Gower, Kate Just and performance by Archie Barry (Hypnic 2017 and Phrenic 2018).

3:00pm Rolling floor talks by Sophie Takách, Ruth O’Leary and Eugenia Lim.

4:00pm Performance of My Dear God I Body Giddy Beard Ergo Doom and floor talk by Archie Barry.

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