Patricia Piccinini: SKYWHALE

Mon 2 Dec 2013

This is a past program.
ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

What’s that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?… no…it’s SKYWHALE!

Patricia Piccinini’s flight of fancy, SKYWHALE set sail from the forecourt of ACCA during the week commencing 2nd December.

Catching sight of her is a bit like whale watching, and although fleeting, her visit most definitely left an impression on those lucky enough to catch a glimpse. For all those who missed her, watch the video below.

Skywhale is a shy creature. She comes and goes, and she doesn't like wind or rain. Look out for clear skies and calm conditions and you might just see her. Soon, when it's calm enough, Skywhale will be flying again.

The best place for updates is ACCA's facebook page


The Skywhale is a Centenary of Canberra project, proudly supported by the ACT Government, Aranday Foundation and the Yulgilbar Foundation.




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