The Round Table: Sisters Akousmatica: Make Your Own Map

Sun 7 Jan 2018

This is a past program.
The Round Table, Main Exhibition Gallery

Make your own map of women* and the sonic arts with Sisters Akousmatica at the Round Table. This informal discussion and cartographic workshop explores feminism and the sonic arts, using Hilde Anne Neset’s essay “Tangled Cartography” as a starting point, and aims to create a diverse, inclusive and less western-centric understanding of women and sound art.

Sisters Akousmatica is a creative duo comprising Pip Stafford and Julia Drouhin. Together, they create curatorial and written international projects concerning collective radio practices, auditory-spatial exploration and the intersection of gender and emergent art forms, to support, promote and cultivate women’s voices in public space. Focusing on the concept of akousma — sound removed from its source — their projects provide a space to examine the possibilities of invisible and ephemeral radiophonic world.

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