The Round Table: The Aspirations and Shortcomings of Feminism

Sat 10 Feb 2018

This is a past program.
The Round Table, Main Exhibition Gallery

Meet at 1:00pm for an informal tour of the exhibition.
‘The Aspirations and Shortcomings of Feminism’ at the Round Table will commence at 2:00pm, with an informal creative sharing session following from 3:45–4:30pm.

How has the dominant feminist narrative failed to accommodate for those who don’t identify with or align with this dominant narrative?

This discussion led by Reworked begins by addressing this question and aims to build on and give nuance to the multiplicities of the feminisms that concurrently exist within our communities. The panelists will reinstate their aspirations for the future of feminist actions and the implementation of diverse feminist practices.

An afternoon session of informal creative sharing will follow this event, during which, spoken word artists and poets will perform works and engage in discussions about their creative process and how feminist practices direct, influence, or are imbued in this process.

Reworked is a collaboration between Alec Reade of New Wayfinders, Josie Alexandra and Sofia Skobeleva on a series of group discussions that aim at challenging hegemonic feminist discourse by giving voice to marginalised perspectives within their local community. Reworked events create an inclusive space for learning and sharing of theories and practices, for building a stronger intersectional artistic community within Naarm (Melbourne).

These events provide a platform to voices from IaWOC (Indigenous and Women of Colour), IaQTIPOC (queer/trans and/or intersex Indigenous and People of Colour), trans, gender diverse and first-generation immigrant and refugee communities who are frequently excluded from the feminist discourse, to share their voices, prose and ideas about the contemporary conditions and urgencies that inhabit their lives and work.

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