The Round Table: CoUNTesses Workshop

Sun 25 Feb 2018

This is a past program.
Round Table, Main Exhibition Gallery

Come to the Round Table to count alongside others and discuss gender identity, intersectionality and the future of gender representation in the arts. Led by the Countess team, this workshop brings people together to discuss the importance of transparency and ethics when collecting data and how to apply experimental modes of data collection. Bring along a tablet or laptop with internet connection. Free WIFI is available at ACCA.

This is the first of two CoUNTesses workshops at the Round Table. There will be one more workshop on Sunday 18 March, 1–4pm.


The Countess Report is an online resource on gender equality in the Australian contemporary art sector.  Since 2008 its data-collecting activities have provided hard evidence of the need for better representation for female identifying artists. The Countess Report works towards bringing gender equality to art education, art practice and contemporary art culture.

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