The Round Table: Eco-feminist Reading Group

Fri 16 Feb 2018

This is a past program.
The Round Table, Main Exhibition Gallery

Come to the Round Table to sit and read, or listen with EcoFeminist Fridays. These public ‘read-ins’ aim to create a kind of refuge for critical ecological feminist thought and action.

In these sessions we will be reading aloud, as a collective, from the opening of Karen Barad’s groundbreaking work of theoretical physics and feminist theory, Meeting the Universe Halfway (2007). Bring your own copy of the text to read from, or share with a member of the group.

EcoFeminist Fridays is convened by Hayley Singer, and made up of small group of artists and scholars who are committed to traversing the texts that make up the histories of critical ecological feminist thought and action. They are driven by the need to engage in slow, emergent and collective modes of learning. Together, they work with the idea that reading aloud is a generous and generative act, which inspires wild conversations and stirs up unexpected stories from participants.

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