Writers Block: Exploring and Responding to Contemporary Art

Mon 8 Sep 2014

This is a past program.
ACCA Main Exhibition Gallery

This is a lively program for upper secondary and VCE Art / Studio Art teachers who are looking for fresh, engaging strategies and methods to assist their students exploring, interpreting, analyzing, responding and writing about contemporary art. The PD will provide teachers with a creative toolkit to use and adapt into their classroom learning, curriculum development and student exam revision.
Using the rich, sensory, critical and creative opportunities stimulated by ACCA’s contemporary exhibitions, the Program will combine enlightening lectures with stimulating exploring and writing workshops.
Facilitated by the VCAA Visual Arts Curriculum Manager Kathy Hendy-Ekers and ACCA’s Schools Education Manager, Helen Berkemeier the workshops will provide teachers with engaging approaches to explore and analyse contemporary art, focusing on Units 1 – 4 Art and Studio Art outcomes, including materials and techniques, exhibition installation, ideas and meaning and aesthetic qualities.
Communications, PR, The Good Copy Editorial Director and writer extraordinaire Penny Modra will share examples of unique ways that she connects to artworks and how she goes about shaping that into a text. Helen Hughes, respected young arts writer, Art History PhD candidate and co-editor of the fresh Melbourne-based contemporary art journal Discipline will also share her approach towards exploring and analysing contemporary art.

Standard 2: Know the content and how to teach it
(2.1 ) Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities.
(2.5) Apply knowledge and understanding of effective teaching strategies to support students’ literacy achievement.
Standard 3: Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
(3.3) Use teaching strategies
Select and use relevant teaching strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem solving and critical and creative thinking.
(3.4 ) Select and use resources
Select and/or create and use a range of resources, including ICT, to engage students in their learning.
Standard 6: Engage in Professional Learning
(6.2 ) Engage in professional learning and improve practice
Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities
(6.4) Undertake professional learning programs designed to address identified student learning needs.