WRITING & CONCEPTS Chi Tran: Attention is a Form of Prayer

Thu 29 Aug 2019

This is a past program.
ACCA Foyer

ACCA is pleased to host Chi Tran: Attention is a Form of Prayer as part of WRITING & CONCEPTS.

Chi Tran will be presenting a lecture in the form of a lyrical, prayer-like essay. Split into short chapters, this talk aims to showcase how crucially feminist it is to combine poetry, autobiography, and critical theory. It is a meditation on embodied writing that seeks to simultaneously undo and affirm.

Listen to the podcast now:

Chi Tran is a writer, editor and an artist, who makes poems that may be text, essay, object, or sound. Chi is primarily interested in working with language through feminist phenomonologies and critical race perspectives, as a means of coming-to-terms. Their work has been published in and exhibited at: Next Wave; Emerging Writers’ Festival; National Young Writers’ Festival; Incendium Radical Library Press; Cordite Poetry Review; The Poetry Foundation; Punk Café; Australian Poetry; recess gallery; Liminal Magazine; Firstdraft; Cruel Intentions; and more. Chi was recently awarded a scholarship from the Ian Potter Cultural Trust Foundation, to travel to New York in May of 2019. Chi spent time with renowned poet Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, and undertook experimental writing workshops with Precious Okoyomon, Fred Moten and Jackie Wang.

WRITING & CONCEPTS is a lecture and publication series exploring the insights that practitioners have in to their own creative and cultural practices, and provides an opportunity for them to discuss and publish these insights in a public forum. Contributors include practitioners for whom the written form is their primary professional output and practitioners whose work manifests as exhibitions or events within the domain of contemporary art.

WRITING & CONCEPTS is produced by Future Tense and moderated by Jan van Schaik and Fjorn Butler. WRITING & CONCEPTS is supported by each of the host venues, MvS Architects, RMIT’s School of Art and School of Architecture & Urban Design, Melbourne University and ART + AUSTRALIA.


Chi Tran